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Have you ever watched makeup vloggers? Basically, makeup vloggers post tutorials and their favorite products on Youtube. Some of them are total crap, some are entertaining, and the rest are sheer genius. I’d consider myself to be pretty well versed on makeup – whether it’s an application technique or a brand, I know a fair amount about makeup. But watching makeup vloggers has taught me so much more! Specifically, I’ve learned how to blend shades together and accentuate my facial features in the most flattering way.

Here’s my all time favorite makeup blogger, Alli! Check out her Youtube channel and some of her videos. I love how she blends color and favors natural and fresh looks. I got some makeup palettes and a brush set for Christmas and I’ve been putting them to good use! I also took some cues from her makeup organization videos and got my makeup all sorted out in acrylic trays from The Container Store.

I’ve found the best way to learn how to do makeup is to practice! You can read and watch techniques, but the only way you’ll really get the hang of it is to try. You know I’ve never grown out of playing dress up, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never grow out of playing in makeup. Have fun and learn something new by trial and error.

And I’ll leave you with my favorite tutorial from Alli for a great every day look:



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We Have a Winner!

Thank you all so much for participating in my first giveaway! It was very exciting to see entries pour in and I absolutely loved working with the gals at Julep.

The lucky winner of the contest is strangedazeindeed! Congratulations Debra! You’ll love your giftbox from Julep! I scored American Beauty on the style test as well 🙂

I used a random number generator to select the winner.


Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. I hope you are super excited about Julep!

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The Holidays are Over?

No, surely not yet! Does anyone feel like they blinked and the holiday break was over? I do! We had a wonderful time visiting all sides of our family and now that mine has “officially” grown to include Michael’s side, we did some extra traveling and holiday cheering this year. I have been so blessed to be welcomed into his side with open arms and lots of love this year! Even though I already felt very much a part of his family before our wedding made us officially family, it was nice celebrate knowing it’s permanent 🙂

But I know what you all are itching to find out…WHAT KINDA LOOT DID YOU GET? No worries, I’m excited to share! Since adjusting to a tighter {husband approved} budget, I haven’t done as much shopping this year as I have typically done in the past. That means I was really excited to get some stylish things on my list!


steve madden riding boots

Riding Boots: Intyce: Steve by Steve Madden

Gold Watch: Guess

Ballet Flats: Kingdom by Steve Madden

 COACH Poppy  rollerball

Coach Poppy by Poppy Rollerball

And with some Christmas money from my grandparents… (will I EVER get too old for that? Never!)

Paige Peg Jeans from Nordstrom Rack (Yay for sales!)

faux fur clutch coat

Faux Fur Clutch Coat: Damsalle from Nordstrom Rack (holla!)

I’ll share some of the other gifts in later posts but I am one happy {and stylish} camper for now. And because I missed you over the holidays…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers! Thank you for listening to be blabber about the things I love and whatever excites me. Part of my New Years Resolution is to add more structure and consistency to my blog. Sit tight because I hope to continue to get better!

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Classic Casual

Love the glam of a classic cheetah trench style coat mixed with casual pieces. So chic!

Inspired by Atlantic-Pacific Blog

leopard print coat and boyfriend jeans

classic casual


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Julep Giveaway!

Hey ladies! I was so excited when I was contacted to do a review and giveaway for Julep! I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I did a little bit of research and was thrilled to find out about their products. I’m a nail polish JUNKY and they have a great selection of polish colors, hand and nail treatments and fun extras. Check out my thoughts and find out how to enter to win your own giftbox!

Similar to Birchbox, members of Julep Maven can sign up for a monthly delivery of customized nail and beauty treats. It’s a surprise each month and for just $19.99 (for over $40 worth of products), it’s quite the deal!

Julep sent me a box to review for you guys and here’s what I received:

Here’s what I thought: I’m a self-admitted nail polish snob okay? I am picky about color, consistency, and longevity of all nail polish I wear. I was SO impressed with Julep’s quality! The nail polish was thick, covered well, looked great and lasted at least 4 solid days before chipping. I swear to you it lasted through multiple dish washes, wrapping presents (and peeling away pesky price tags that ALWAYS ruin nails), and tons of other things. This stuff has serious staying power. I’m currently wearing Whitney on my nails and Nicole on my toes, which were perfect for the peep toe pumps I wore to a holiday party this past weekend! Also love the hand scrub – it’s supposed to make your hands look younger, I don’t really care about that now, but it does make them really smooth!
Overall, I loved the product and the thought of receiving a surprise box every month.  Julep also cares about their products as well as giving back through their organization. They told me, “Unlike many traditional brands, all of our polishes are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin- but beautiful and long lasting nonetheless. We are also “Powered By Girlfriends“ meaning we value and support all the girlfriends in our lives. In fact, we are proud to donate $1 from every Julep Nail Vernis sale to organizations that empower women!” Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Here’s how you can win our very own Julep Maven gift box:

Head over to the Julep website, take their “What’s your Style” quiz and tell me what you are, OR Pick your favorite color from the lineup and leave it in the comment section below. Contest open to US and Canada residents only. Contest starts TODAY and ends Monday Jan 2, 2012.

Also, if you LOVE Julep (I promise you will), use the code: SASSYSTYLISTA at checkout and you will receive the first Julep Maven Sneak Peek box for just $5!

*I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner 🙂


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Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

I’m lucky to work in a fun and creative environment where my coworkers come up with awesome projects that in reality are a lot more like fun, disguised as work. The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf ” was born after much discussion about mad love for the book, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The girls at gave life to this idea, and since I just so happen to sit right across from them in the office, they’ve graciously asked me to participate!

Just like the pants in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this scarf will be passed from blogger to blogger. After spending some time with the scarf, each one will add a trinket to the scarf. I’ve been chosen as “sister” #4 to receive to the scarf, but it all started with Stacie who sewed on some friendly and colorful flowers, then to Sarah who added a crystal button and a cat charm, and then to Maggie who added an adorable little bow! We’re thrilled to have Tieka from Selective Potential. Be the next sister!

Here’s my glittery addition:

The scarf arrives in a bag where each sister must write the most exciting thing that happened to her while wearing the scarf AND track her hometown on the map that documents where the scarf has been so far. Each sister is also supposed to share the most exciting thing that happens to her while wearing the scarf. I’m not so exciting but I did learn how to cook fish while I had the scarf! I’ve always wanted to cook fish but I’ve been a bit scared to do so. The fish tacos turned out perfectly! No worries, the scarf was kept away from the kitchen while the cookfest went down. We can’t have a fishy scarf being passed around!


*Special thanks to Stacie for taking all of these photos! You need to see how well she documents all her crafty endeavors on her blog, Stars for Streetlights! And sorry for my second day hair, I wasn’t thinking ahead for a photo shoot!

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Updates + What I’m loving this season…

Hey ya’ll, It’s been awhile. My apologies! We’ve been busy busy busy this holiday season so my blogging has unfortunately been on the back burner. But here I am with an update!

I’ve got some exciting posts coming soon…including my very first GIVEAWAY and review! I’m so excited to share with you all, you’ll seriously love it! I’ve also got some other fun blogging projects in the queue so stick with me!

I was thinking this morning, I haven’t done a favorite things post in awhile. So here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Coach Poppy is my new favorite perfume AND it’s a win-win because not only do I love it but my picky-nosed husband loves it too. I don’t think you understand how big of a deal this is.
  • I’m just now jumping on the Gossip Girl train. HOW did I miss this when it first came out? I’m on season 3 right now and loving it. It’s pretty stupid sometimes but I love the clothes, and the drama, and how ridiculous these “kids” are. Obsessed.
  • I wore Mac Viva Glam V on my wedding day and it’s now my new favorite lipstick. Just subtle enough to give my lips a touch of color, but nothing too dramatic. It gives just the right amount of “lift” and it’s super creamy.
  • My Faux Fur Vest has been my coziest obsession this winter. So much so that I even have Carrie Bradsaw moments where I wear it over my PJ’s. Michael thinks it makes me look like a viking woman. Psh….what does he know about fashion?

carrie bradshaw pajamas and fur

  • How am I 24 years old and JUST now realizing that I love Avocados? No clue, but so far I’ve made homemade guacamole, avacado hummus, used it in a veggie wrap and on buffalo chicken tacos. It’s divine!
  • Mornings (especially winter mornings) are so much more bearable with a cup of Coffee. No explanation needed.
  • Bubble Baths are my preferred method for warming up in the winter. When I get “chilled to the bone” the only thing that truly warms me up is a nice hot bath. Add some classical music and candles and voila! Homemade spa!
  • If you’ve never had or seen a Woodwick Candle, you’re missing out on the whole candle experience. My roommate in college introduced me to the wonders of it’s crackling fire sound, plus it burns longer and smells fantastic. Yankee Candle can get outta town!
  • I have a pretty serious collection of Argyle Socks that get’s some solid use around this time of year.
  • So…Michael and I got an early Christmas present this year. Mostly out of necessity, we purchased an iPad 2. Michael needed it for work reasons and while I could have spent that Christmas money a million different ways, I have to admit I’m really diggin’ this whole mini computer thing. Before, I would have said it’s a waste since I have a Macbook and iPhone, but man that iPad is awesome. If you’re in for a splurge, it’s worth it!

What have YOU been loving lately? Don’t forget to come back soon for my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! And gals, it’s a good one!


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