Valentino’s Virtual Museum

The loveliest designer in women’s clothing, Valentino, is going to open a virtual collection of his works. CAN’T WAIT to see this!

I’m telling you, everything from his wedding gowns to his signature Valentino red dress is so inspired. In an interview he once said, “I know what women want, ” Reporter: “And what do women want?” Valentino: “They want to be beautiful!” SO TRUE. If you’re a woman and you say that’s not true, you’re lying. I’m sorry. Maybe you don’t want to be conventionally beautiful, but women do want to be beautiful. Or feel beautiful. And I”m pretty sure if you wore one of his gowns, it would evoke some serious beauty. But I digress…

And I’ll keep on preaching the fact that you MUST see his documentary Valentino, The Last Emperor. You’ll appreciate the true craftsmanship in his gowns after you see it. I’ve seen it at least 3 times and I may even be watching it tonight now that I’m getting excited about it again. You can find it on Netflix. WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT! It’s strangely emotional, exciting, and interesting. But I’m a fashion nerd like that. It makes my heart pitter-patter.

“I love beauty – is not my fault!” – Valentino


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  1. Kelli Ellis

    I’m putting it on my calendar!

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