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Classic Casual

Love the glam of a classic cheetah trench style coat mixed with casual pieces. So chic!

Inspired by Atlantic-Pacific Blog

leopard print coat and boyfriend jeans

classic casual



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Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

I’m lucky to work in a fun and creative environment where my coworkers come up with awesome projects that in reality are a lot more like fun, disguised as work. The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf ” was born after much discussion about mad love for the book, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The girls at gave life to this idea, and since I just so happen to sit right across from them in the office, they’ve graciously asked me to participate!

Just like the pants in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this scarf will be passed from blogger to blogger. After spending some time with the scarf, each one will add a trinket to the scarf. I’ve been chosen as “sister” #4 to receive to the scarf, but it all started with Stacie who sewed on some friendly and colorful flowers, then to Sarah who added a crystal button and a cat charm, and then to Maggie who added an adorable little bow! We’re thrilled to have Tieka from Selective Potential. Be the next sister!

Here’s my glittery addition:

The scarf arrives in a bag where each sister must write the most exciting thing that happened to her while wearing the scarf AND track her hometown on the map that documents where the scarf has been so far. Each sister is also supposed to share the most exciting thing that happens to her while wearing the scarf. I’m not so exciting but I did learn how to cook fish while I had the scarf! I’ve always wanted to cook fish but I’ve been a bit scared to do so. The fish tacos turned out perfectly! No worries, the scarf was kept away from the kitchen while the cookfest went down. We can’t have a fishy scarf being passed around!


*Special thanks to Stacie for taking all of these photos! You need to see how well she documents all her crafty endeavors on her blog, Stars for Streetlights! And sorry for my second day hair, I wasn’t thinking ahead for a photo shoot!

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Updates + What I’m loving this season…

Hey ya’ll, It’s been awhile. My apologies! We’ve been busy busy busy this holiday season so my blogging has unfortunately been on the back burner. But here I am with an update!

I’ve got some exciting posts coming soon…including my very first GIVEAWAY and review! I’m so excited to share with you all, you’ll seriously love it! I’ve also got some other fun blogging projects in the queue so stick with me!

I was thinking this morning, I haven’t done a favorite things post in awhile. So here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Coach Poppy is my new favorite perfume AND it’s a win-win because not only do I love it but my picky-nosed husband loves it too. I don’t think you understand how big of a deal this is.
  • I’m just now jumping on the Gossip Girl train. HOW did I miss this when it first came out? I’m on season 3 right now and loving it. It’s pretty stupid sometimes but I love the clothes, and the drama, and how ridiculous these “kids” are. Obsessed.
  • I wore Mac Viva Glam V on my wedding day and it’s now my new favorite lipstick. Just subtle enough to give my lips a touch of color, but nothing too dramatic. It gives just the right amount of “lift” and it’s super creamy.
  • My Faux Fur Vest has been my coziest obsession this winter. So much so that I even have Carrie Bradsaw moments where I wear it over my PJ’s. Michael thinks it makes me look like a viking woman. Psh….what does he know about fashion?

carrie bradshaw pajamas and fur

  • How am I 24 years old and JUST now realizing that I love Avocados? No clue, but so far I’ve made homemade guacamole, avacado hummus, used it in a veggie wrap and on buffalo chicken tacos. It’s divine!
  • Mornings (especially winter mornings) are so much more bearable with a cup of Coffee. No explanation needed.
  • Bubble Baths are my preferred method for warming up in the winter. When I get “chilled to the bone” the only thing that truly warms me up is a nice hot bath. Add some classical music and candles and voila! Homemade spa!
  • If you’ve never had or seen a Woodwick Candle, you’re missing out on the whole candle experience. My roommate in college introduced me to the wonders of it’s crackling fire sound, plus it burns longer and smells fantastic. Yankee Candle can get outta town!
  • I have a pretty serious collection of Argyle Socks that get’s some solid use around this time of year.
  • So…Michael and I got an early Christmas present this year. Mostly out of necessity, we purchased an iPad 2. Michael needed it for work reasons and while I could have spent that Christmas money a million different ways, I have to admit I’m really diggin’ this whole mini computer thing. Before, I would have said it’s a waste since I have a Macbook and iPhone, but man that iPad is awesome. If you’re in for a splurge, it’s worth it!

What have YOU been loving lately? Don’t forget to come back soon for my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! And gals, it’s a good one!


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Valentino’s Virtual Museum

The loveliest designer in women’s clothing, Valentino, is going to open a virtual collection of his works. CAN’T WAIT to see this!

I’m telling you, everything from his wedding gowns to his signature Valentino red dress is so inspired. In an interview he once said, “I know what women want, ” Reporter: “And what do women want?” Valentino: “They want to be beautiful!” SO TRUE. If you’re a woman and you say that’s not true, you’re lying. I’m sorry. Maybe you don’t want to be conventionally beautiful, but women do want to be beautiful. Or feel beautiful. And I”m pretty sure if you wore one of his gowns, it would evoke some serious beauty. But I digress…

And I’ll keep on preaching the fact that you MUST see his documentary Valentino, The Last Emperor. You’ll appreciate the true craftsmanship in his gowns after you see it. I’ve seen it at least 3 times and I may even be watching it tonight now that I’m getting excited about it again. You can find it on Netflix. WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT! It’s strangely emotional, exciting, and interesting. But I’m a fashion nerd like that. It makes my heart pitter-patter.

“I love beauty – is not my fault!” – Valentino

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Guest Post: Accessorizing the Latest Trends

I’m out celebrating the biggest feasting day of the year, so today’s post comes from a guest writer, Aleya on how to accessorize the latest trends. Love her advice!

“The fashion trends that we’re seeing this fall are fun, energetic and strong.  While it’s easy to pick up on the fashion inspirations that our favorite designers are showing on the runways it may be harder to figure out how to accessorize them. Here are some tips on how to accessorize the latest trends so that you can get the most out of your great new look.

The Menswear Trend

menswear trend

Whether you choose to wear a menswear inspired suit or a shirt and tie, make this look more feminine by adding heels. Go for loafer shoes with a chunky heel and tassel to keep with the menswear trend – and no worries, these shoes are all over place. Glam up your look by incorporating a gold link necklace to your ensemble. Go for simple with one, or layer a few to look extra extravagant. Style Tip: In keeping with the menswear trend, keep things oversized. It’ll look like you borrowed it from your man 😉

The 70s Look

70s trend

The 70s are back and in full force too. From straight hairdos with a part in the middle, natural makeup, and wide legged pants are everywhere. Get the head to toe look by by wrapping a scarf around the base of your ponytail (style tip: flat iron your hair first for the right effect). Load up on stackable bangles and grab some platform shoes.  Platforms lengthen your legs and offer some cushion to dance all night. Though I’m sad to say, no disco ball included.

The Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt trend

There’s nothing like a flowing long skirt to make you feel like you’re flying instead of walking. You can accessorize your skirt by incorporating contrast into your wardrobe. For example, wearing a pair of great espadrille shoes and an oversized snakeskin clutch. The contrast of two different textures & fabrics makes for great impact. If you’re not into reptile skin, try an oversized belt with your skirt – it adds some flair and could look funky with a large chunky belt or sophisticated with a skinny belt.”

This post was written by Aleya who works with Amara Gold where you can find eco-friendly jewelry that will stand the test of time.

*Photo Creds:
stylelist, refinery 29, the social code

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Fashionable “Fat” Clothes

In honor of the biggest feasting day of the year, I’ll show you some fashionable fat hiding and expandable clothes. Let’s be frank, you know you’re going to eat more than you said you will. Yes, you’ll feel sick afterwords. But do you have to look sick? No way, girlfriend. And here’s the kicker, these suggestions are much better than Joey’s “Thanksgiving pants.” And better yet, no one will even catch on to your little trick. We’ll keep this whole expandable, comfy thing a secret. You’ll just go on looking fabulous and they’ll be none the wiser.

orange wrap dress

1. Wrap Dress

This dress has a magical growing waistline – therefore, no matter what you stuff in your belly, it’ll fit and feel great by the end of the day. Favored by women of all shapes and sizes (including pregnant women!), this dress highlights the smallest part of your waist with a tied belt that you can adjust through the day.

sweater dress and leggings

2. Sweater Dress + Leggings

Not the least bit body hugging and just as comfy as PJ’s, this one is a winner all around.

thanksgiving outfit

3. Blouse + Trouser Pants

The loose and flowy blouse is fancy, but totally nonrestricting and (most importantly) hides that food baby. Trouser pants are the perfect pair and shouldn’t be too tightly fitted. Tres Chic!

sweater and twirly skirt

4. Sweater + Skirt

The (elastic waistline!!) skirt fits to the smallest part of your waist and falls away from the expanding belly. A sweater that tucks in to the waistband highlights the small part (not affected by food) and looks fabulous.

Taa-daaa! Now you can eat to your hearts desire and look amazing while doing it. I’m currently working my way up for my two Thanksgiving feasts to be had this year. When you get married and your family grows, so does the amount of Thanksgiving meals you attend. But do you hear me complaining? HECK NO! Bring on the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey coma!


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Fabulous {Faux} Furs

The cold weather in Indy has been playing hide and seek, which I can’t say I’m sad about. But when it comes, I’ll be girding my loins against the freezing weather with fur. You should follow suit…

faux fur set

  1. Faux Fur Stole
  2. H&M Fur Vest
  3. Faux Fur Snood
  4. Faux Fur Mittens
  5. Faux Fur Turban
  6. Faux Fur Ear Muffs
  7. Faux Fur Loafers
  8. Faux Fur Clutch

Don’t these make you feel all snuggly and luxurious? They should! Happy Sunday lovelies!

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