I am: a young professional saving my pennies to support my love affair with clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags and makeup.

I am: an aspiring fashion journalist, lover of labels, devotee of the fashion industry, avid reader of Vogue/Elle/Harper’s, and I’m blogging about fashion, beauty, and trends that makes me giddy.

I am: one sassy stylista.

What else?

I’m a newlywed living in the midwest – most of the time the midwest is lovely, other times I miss the south. My husband and I met in college at Western Kentucky University – where I got a bachelor’s degree in news editorial journalism and a minor in design merchandising. My natural inclination towards anything word-related, both reading and writing – and my love of fashion, made the combination of both degrees a perfect fit. My current job allows me the fun of both of these in an online outlet! As a content writer and social media specialist for a fashion based internet company, I actually get to use my degree in a way I never thought I would! My other half’s degree in graphic design landed him in a job as an art director at an ad agency. He keeps me creative and goofy – and he’s a pretty great husband. We have both been blessed with a loving and supportive families – of whom we are spoiled to live near! We have a precious little puppy named Luna, she’s our sweet little one.

More credentials: I’ve written and been an editor for Rise Over Run Magazine (a culture based online magazine in Bowling Green, KY), written fashion articles for Louisville.com, and been published in Indianapolis Monthly as well as countless blogs and websites. Want to know more about me? Just ask!

For my daily musings follow me on Twitter: @sarahthaman – or email me at sarah.thaman [at] gmail [dot] com.


2 responses to “About

  1. hey I can not follow u via email subsrciption,please fix it and let me know xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Jovana,

      It seems to be working for me. Try again when you get the chance, it might have needed a page refresh. You can also subscribe via bloglovin by clicking on the icon on my homepage. Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo sassy stylista

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