Around here…

Since my photography skills are still in the works, I’ve got my trusty iPhone (with the crappy low res lens) and Instagram to share what’s been goin’ on with me lately…

healthy veggie wraphealthy apple nachos

{homemade guac, cheese, lettuce wrap}         {apple nachos from pinterest}

buffalo chicken bitesbanana nut waffles

{homemade buffalo chicken bites}                      {fresh banana nut waffles}

poy boy sandwichapple pie + crab cakes

{po boy sandwich from Papa Roux}          {pie + crab cakes from entertaining}

*Are you noticing a trend? We cook and eat a lot of food. And enjoy taking photos of  said food.

hiking with dogdog and tree

{hiking w/Luna – to burn the food off}        {getting Lu in the Christmas spirit!}

UK dog

{hubby turned Lu into a UK fan}              {glitter remnants from a DIY project}

We are having a great time around here. PS. If you aren’t on Pinterest, you need to become a part of this life changing website. Not even exaggerating. I love that it gives you inspiration to get up and DO things instead of mindlessly stare at pretty things. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy and delicious the recipes I find on there are. Go for it ladies (and lads)!


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