Fashionable “Fat” Clothes

In honor of the biggest feasting day of the year, I’ll show you some fashionable fat hiding and expandable clothes. Let’s be frank, you know you’re going to eat more than you said you will. Yes, you’ll feel sick afterwords. But do you have to look sick? No way, girlfriend. And here’s the kicker, these suggestions are much better than Joey’s “Thanksgiving pants.” And better yet, no one will even catch on to your little trick. We’ll keep this whole expandable, comfy thing a secret. You’ll just go on looking fabulous and they’ll be none the wiser.

orange wrap dress

1. Wrap Dress

This dress has a magical growing waistline – therefore, no matter what you stuff in your belly, it’ll fit and feel great by the end of the day. Favored by women of all shapes and sizes (including pregnant women!), this dress highlights the smallest part of your waist with a tied belt that you can adjust through the day.

sweater dress and leggings

2. Sweater Dress + Leggings

Not the least bit body hugging and just as comfy as PJ’s, this one is a winner all around.

thanksgiving outfit

3. Blouse + Trouser Pants

The loose and flowy blouse is fancy, but totally nonrestricting and (most importantly) hides that food baby. Trouser pants are the perfect pair and shouldn’t be too tightly fitted. Tres Chic!

sweater and twirly skirt

4. Sweater + Skirt

The (elastic waistline!!) skirt fits to the smallest part of your waist and falls away from the expanding belly. A sweater that tucks in to the waistband highlights the small part (not affected by food) and looks fabulous.

Taa-daaa! Now you can eat to your hearts desire and look amazing while doing it. I’m currently working my way up for my two Thanksgiving feasts to be had this year. When you get married and your family grows, so does the amount of Thanksgiving meals you attend. But do you hear me complaining? HECK NO! Bring on the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey coma!



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5 responses to “Fashionable “Fat” Clothes

  1. Hahahaha, I WILL be sporting the leggings/baggy sweater. Already got that much planned out đŸ™‚

  2. It’s a serious necessity around the holidays!

  3. Save me some leftovers, and I’ll have my sweater and leggings ready to go!

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