Fashionable Color Theory

While my wardrobe is full of basic colors and neutrals, I’m definitely drawn to and inspired by style that is FULL of color. When it comes to pairing outfits full of bright color, go back to art class and remember the color wheel. When it comes to color combinations, piecing together an outfit can be more calculated than you think. Color theory is everywhere in design! Go for color schemes that you’d find on a color wheel.

Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

Pink and red pairings would be an example of analogous colors or colors that are side by side or close to each other on the color wheel.

These colors would be considered complimentary colors-even though technically on the color wheel, it’s blue and orange that is “complimentary.”

More complimentary colors with red and mint green – just like Christmas but not so crazy and blatant. Feels springy and light with a bit of drama thrown in!

PS. That’s Kendi, from one of my favorite blogs, Kendi Everyday. Check it out! She has fabulous style

Navy and olive green would also be considered analogous colors – these colors feel very classic and luxurious when paired!

I’m also loving….

Berry/Plum + Navy, Orange + Navy, Yellow + Navy , Olive + Cream, Pink + Camel (tan), Red + Blue, Pink + Blue, Blue + Green, Yellow +Pink, Green + Pink

(can you tell i’m loving navy? I think it’s because Kate Middleton brought it back with a classy vengeance)

What color combinations are you loving this season?



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2 responses to “Fashionable Color Theory

  1. LOVE the red + mint green combo 🙂

  2. I love red and pink because it’s so girlie but during the summer I like turquoise and white because the combo reminds me of the ocean.

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