Things I need to do more of…

So…I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been lazy lately. And while I can’t say it’s entirely a bad thing, as wedding planning left me a tad exhausted, I now have TIME and ENERGY to do some things I’ve been meaning to for quite awhile. In no particular order…

  1. Exercise. I’m seeing yoga in my future…or maybe Zumba?
  2. Wake up earlier – i.e. no hitting the alarm 3 times or climbing back in bed after I let the dog out. It’s the WORST habit!
  3. Read more.
  4. Watch less TV. It’s kind of stupid how much time I waste in front of that thing. And we don’t even have CABLE!
  5. Make more phone calls to friends and relatives – and get back to writing more thank you notes for sweet little nothings.
  6. Do more last minute and unexpected things! Nothing specific, just get up and DO more.
  7. Practice baking for the holidays – I can cook, but baking is a whole n’other ball game.
  8. KEEP BLOGGING! I’ve had a 4 in a row streak y’all. This could mean business.
  9. Get off of the computer in the evenings (except for blogging). Because really, I spend all day in front of 2 computer screens. I need to back away.
  10. Plan and host a meal for my grandparents. They need to see my new place!
  11. Get things hung up on my wall – they’re scary bare.
  12. Take more pictures! Of anything and everything. And get them up on the blog!

I’m going to revisit this list in about a month and see my progress. Keep me accountable, would you readers? I’d love to see your list of things you’d like to accomplish in the next month or so. It’s so much easier when you get it all out of your head and down on paper. Just like goals for work, having these things in front of you staring back at you while you go about your day to day business is pretty good motivation. Give it a try!

Aaaaannnnnddd we’ll close with my latest obsession courtesy of Beyonce. Just because.



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