Little Luxuries

It always seems that the more you’re concentrating on not spending money the more you think about spending some. I guess it’s like a diet – just involving shopping. As my husband (yeah! husband!) and I work on melding our newlywed lives together, a big portion of the “melding” has been the way we deal with finances. While I respect and trust my husband and his ability to guide our financial future, I’m keenly aware of how different our definitions of “necessary purchase” are. So, while I adjust to saving more and spending less (psh, like saving for a house is more important than having this watch?????), I’ve been trying to indulge myself in little luxuries.

Mind you, these aren’t life changing, but focusing on enjoying “the little things” can be really rewarding. So here are six fabulous ways to indulge yourself while on a budget…

1. Paint your nails

While I’d prefer a mani-pedi from the nail salon ANY day, it’s one of the those extra costs that can be easily cut. Plus doing it yourself gives you some quiet pamper time. Easy, free, and you’ll look fabulous dahling!

photo source: Cupcakes and Cashmere – my favorite blogger of all time!

2. Have a glass of vino

It could be a bottle of three buck chuck for all I care, it feels luxurious. Settle in for the night with a nice glass of wine and a book, or a glass of wine and a nice chit-chat with your best friends. It’s the kind of pick me up that you can indulge in at the end of a long day. There’s really no need for an excuse with this little luxury – you could be having the best day of your life or the crappiest and most stressful. A glass of wine will refresh and relax you JUST long enough to kick your feet up for awhile.

photo source: Style Within Reach – another one of my favorite bloggers!

3. Listen to classical music

I prefer the French variety when I’m feeling extra classy. La Vie En Rose will take you right out of your pinching pennies life and straight to a classy cafe in Paris. Think Sabrina – not the teenaged witch – the Audrey Hepburn version. Trust me, daydreaming is healthy 😉

4. Read a book

I cannot think of anything more relaxing that snuggling up on the couch or underneath the covers and reading a book. Books provide the best kind of getaway and relax you in a way the television cannot. It involves peace and quiet – a rare and luxurious thing in our crazy lives.

[had to include the photo from Vogue’s Michelle Williams spread – it epitomizes what I describe]

5. Cook a fresh and healthy meal

Clearly, dining out is not in the budget. Luckily, cooking at home is not only healthier for you – it’s cheaper! Cooking for one or two (as most young professionals and newlyweds do) leaves you with leftovers that beat that of the frozen kind any day. There are millions of recipes online, the inspiration is endless! Not only is it fun to flex your cooking muscle, it’s relaxing and dare I say, romantic!

Pro Tip: Combine this with #2 and you’ll have a brilliant combo. Molto bene!

See? Isn’t that easy? And best of all, they’re free. Or almost free. Get to it!


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  1. paige agostin

    simply fabulous.

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