The lack of color can be quite powerful. Behold neutral chic!


And Nine Newsworthy Neutrals for your Wishlist…

1. Antick Batik Lisa Mini Dress $404.25

2. Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz $39

3. Debenhams Light Cream Linen Jacket £48 (sorry American shoppers)

4. Anya Hindmarch Valorie Gold Glitter Clutch $395

5. Sandra Dini Square Crystal Cuff $1,395

6. Butter London Nail Polish $14

7. Dolce Vita Lulu $96

8. Club Monaco ‘Marcia’ Pleated Skirt £150

9. Marc By Marc Jacobs Snappy Barrel Bag $535

















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5 responses to “Neutrals

  1. Neutrals can be so clean and refreshing. Nice!

  2. Sarah – I love this post! I am always wanting to try out a neutral design theme in my apartment. Unfortunately I’m one of those girls that Carrie Bradshaw was talking about when she said that some girls “will never be the one to wear white and not spill on it.” The same goes for furniture. Do you do the neutral chic thing!?

    • Hey Jill! Love that you’re leaving comments 🙂 I love neutrals so much, but I’m the same as you (and Carrie B), I’m afraid it’ll get dirty. I think in my new apartment or house we may do neutrals but focus more on greys and tans instead of whites – that hides a BIT more of the clumsy. I also have a dog with black hair…so…not so great for light couches. But I’ll always love neutrals, it’s refreshing and chic!

  3. oooh I like the collection!

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