23 Things I Love at 23: The Fashion Version

I borrowed this fabulous idea from another Indy Blogger, Jill McElheny, who is a writer of thoughts extraordinaire. Go check out her blog!

A few of my favorite things
  1. Maxi Dresses
  2. Clutch Handbags
  3. Wedge…anything
  4. Baby Pink Nail Polish
  5. Bangle Bracelets
  6. Scarves – most versatile accessory ever!
  7. Pearl Earrings
  8. Peep Toe Pumps
  9. Riding Boots
  10. White V-Neck Tees
  11. Floral Skirts
  12. Dior Couture
  13. J Crew Number 2 pencil skirts
  14. NARS Blush
  15. Belts
  16. Blazers (mostly my trusty navy blue 3/4 length arm blazer)
  17. Skinny Jeans – I live in these babies, but mine were cheaper than that because I’m a smarty pants shopper!
  18. Aveda Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner
  19. Sling Bags
  20. Longchamp Carryall
  21. Benefit Bad Gal Mascara – it may be what one of my chosen 3 items on a deserted island. seriously.
  22. Old Navy Solid Tanks -NOT the ribbed kind, the regular knit with thicker straps… i have a bajillion
  23. Victoria’s Secret bathing suits – they always fit!
Wait…I’m already at 23? I could go on and on. I’ll have to update this in a few months when I turn 24. Gosh, 24 sounds….old.


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7 responses to “23 Things I Love at 23: The Fashion Version

  1. You have good taste – love so much of the same!

  2. Definitely a lot of my favourite things creeping in there! xx

  3. Jill

    I’ve got the Longchamp bag in black and carry it with me EVERYWHERE I go. 🙂 Keep the fashion posts coming. You’re inspiring my next shopping trip!

    • It’s the best carry all around! I used it in college for books, I use it to tote random things to the office, and it’s great for travel. So durable but preppy chic. Thanks for the post inspiration! I’ll definitely be updating more often now 🙂

  4. you shush! i’ll be 27 (later) this year. but… the older you get, the more things you can love! 🙂

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