Wedding Shoes: Something Blue

So, you all heard my wedding shoe woes awhile back. I got several suggestions about similar pairs and knock-offs that were all beautiful. But, I knew I wouldn’t be happy with something that was close, but not the real thing.  But, no way am I going to drop $945 on a pair of shoes! Not at this point in my life anyway.  I could have gotten them if I forced my wedding guests to eat bread and drink water, but we won’t be having any of that either. Instead I found a BEAUTIFUL compromise and a pair I truly love. They also match my wedding dress much better than the other pair. No more hints about the dress though 😉

What do you think of my something blue? The actual blue is more of a slate soft blue, the picture isn’t a great example.

They’re also VERY tall.  But I’m going to bite the bullet and suffer. Beauty is pain right? Actually, it’s more like beautiful shoes are pain. But at least I’ve got a very tall future husband so I can proudly sport these suckers!

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes by sarah.ellis489 featuring blue sandals

Manolo Blahnik blue pumps
$945 –

Badgley Mischka blue sandal
$200 –



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2 responses to “Wedding Shoes: Something Blue

  1. Karen

    “Not at least in this point in life.” or if you had a rich Aunt to bequeathe you a pair of $945 shoes. Well, I’m thinking that won’t happen either.!!

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