Flatforms? No thanks.

Prada Flatforms $795

Platforms? All for em.  But the latest trend-Flatforms? I’ll pass. How unflattering and clunky! Flatfooted heavy shoes aren’t a good look for anybody, and they can’t do much to improve your posture or walking style.

Plus, they’re a hideous reminder of the Doc Martens trend from the late 90s. I shudder just remembering all the androgenous people clunking around in those with disgusting streaky highlights, cargo pants, and oversized sweaters. I happen to think the 80s and 90s were tops for hideous unflattering fashion trends, but I’ll save you from an essay on the history of fashion…

Doc Marten Oxfords

So WHY would these be coming back around? Not sure. But apparently Prada is selling them like hotcakes.  In fact, according to New York Magazine you can’t even get them anymore.  Well all I can say is thank goodness there’s a limited supply!

Here’s to hoping this fad doesn’t go mainstream.


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  1. Well I actully love those Prada shoes, they look amazing and platforms are starting to be boring, everyone has a pair now ! Maybe flatforms are the the platforms… who knows ? 🙂


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