The Basics of Men’s Fashion: Learning to Craft Style

Here’s the first of Bryan Payton’s Guest Post Series:
What does the word “FASHION” mean to you? For some it’s all things Balenciaga or a sleek Armani suit, for others it’s those low-end (but wonderful) avant garde dresses in H&M. Not only does it depend on your sex, but how you interpret the word, culture, and experience that is fashion.
Now, I know my audience, in this case, is mostly women. Well ladies , the problem with many of us men isn’t that we don’t have style or fashion sense. It’s the fact that we’re intimidated by the word “FASHION.” Think about it, when men think of fashion they think of rail-thin models strutting down the runways and gay men. Not cool for the stereotypical man’s man. 

And men, if you’re reading, let’s forget the daunting word FASHION for now. Let’s focus on defining our STYLE. That’s what comes first. It’s important to define what your clothes say about you and how they fit into your lifestyle before branching out into being (gasp!) FASHIONABLE. That’s why we must know the basics. Fitting jeans, crisp dress shirts, T-shirts that fit, monochromatic shoes, and grooming.

I’m not going to get into all of that in this first post. I first want to get you ready for what’s coming by taking away the fear. Ladies, you can help the men in your life by explaining this to them: FASHION is just taking your STYLE and heightening it with creative ideas, accessories, and other things we’ll learn as time goes by. Let him know it’s all about the basics and finding his own style first. If he’s a T-shirt and jeans guy that’s fine. He must know there’s a right and wrong way for that look, too.

Again, this is just an introduction. Fellas, take this week to think about exactly what your style is. Ladies, help them. Once you know that, you can proceed deeper into this crazy world of fashion. Stay tuned.

-Bryan Payton

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