SUPERB customer service

I’m geeking out about social media for multiple reasons today.  ONE: social media is amazing and it’s great when a business knows how to utilize it for great customer service. TWO: social media just got me a kick butt sale THAT WASN’T EVEN PUBLIC. Let me show you how it all went down…

I’ve blogged about Gilt before, but this little exchange deserves a post of it’s own.  I’m in the market for new skinny jeans because I’ve blown out the knees in two pairs of my GAP super skinny ankle jeans. And while they aren’t ready to be pitched just yet, I need some jeans that I can keep dressy. I’ve been particularly pissed about the fact that both of those jeans (less than 6 months old) have already been wrecked with knee holes. Even though I know the importance of a quality pair of jeans, I’m not always in a great position to invest in quality for every pair I own. I’ve gotten a few pairs of 7 For All Mankind jeans on sale and I always try to wait around for a good one to come by before I grab a pair. But this time, instead of wasting money by throwing it into another $60 pair of jeans, I’m trying to get my quality first. I’ve been scoping for a few days and figured I could send them a tweet and see if a 7 for All Mankind sale was coming up anytime soon.


Me to them: @GiltGroupe do you have any 7 for all mankind sales coming up? I’ve ripped holes in all my cheap jeans and need to replace them ASAP!

Them to Me (like 2 min later): @sarahlynnellis Oh no! We aren’t seeing any upcoming sales at the moment, but we can check whats in stock, DM us the size and style you want

Them to Me: @sarahlynnellis love to show you what we have in stock! follow us @giltsupport so we can DM you back! DM us your email on your account also

Messages (from bottom to top)

Gilt SupportGiltSupport YES! since they are not part of a live sale, they are being held in your cart for three days actually! Hope you find a pair

23 minutes ago

Sarah Ellissarahlynnellis Hey! THANK YOU so much for doing that! I won’t have a chance to purchase until later this afternoon…will they stay in my cart until then? 

16 minutes ago 
Gilt SupportGiltSupport We put some awesome 7’s in your cart! Just click on your shopping cart and they are waiting for you to scope out 🙂 

1 hour ago 
Sarah Ellissarahlynnellis sweet! thank you! my email is 

1 hour ago 
Sarah Ellissarahlynnellis OH I’d die if you had them! I’d like the Roxanne or Gwenevere in a 28, any wash as long as it’s not too too dark or black. You guys are fab!
1 hour ago

BAM! They put some pairs they had in stock IN my checkout cart. SERIOUSLY? Who can beat that customer service? I’m freaking out at how awesome their support team is AND at how fabulous it is that they had what I wanted, when I wanted it. I’m willing to pay more for good quality and great customer service, but when you get both at a discount it’s just like a super high.

Love love love it. So, if you weren’t a believer in GILT before, I hope you are now. Go and shop their awesome sales now! And if you regularly peruse their stuff and know of a sale you missed out on, you now know they have killer customer service and may be able to hook you up.

Also, if you don’t follow me already, find me on Twitter! @sarahlynnellis


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