Introducing Mr. Bryan Payton

I’m thrilled to announce that Bryan Payton, fellow journalist and fashion lover, will be contributing his thoughtful insights to The Sassy Stylista! I met Bryan while we were interns at Indianapolis Monthly Magazine and we quickly formed a bond over our joint love of fashion.  As I’m sure you’ll discover, he’s an interesting mix: a guy’s guy and a lover of labels.  A former Big Ten running back for IU with a bachelor’s in Journalism and stints with Indy Monthly and Men’s Health, he’s always got his hands in something new.  I know you’ll enjoy his fresh perspective and great men’s and women’s fashion tips, so be ready for his insights!

Get to know Bryan in his own words:

“I graduated from IU in December 2009 with a General Studies degree from studying fashion design, journalism, and telecommunications. As a Big Ten running back I rushed for nearly 1,000 yards in my career and 9 touchdowns. I started 10-15 games in my career.


After college I spent 5 months as an editorial intern at Indianapolis Monthly. There, I routinely gave out fashion advice in addition to writing fashion, styling for photo shoots, and much more. From there I interned for six months for Men’s Health magazine where my work can be seen in the latest style issue as well as numerous style sections from the fall/winter of 2010. I assisted in styling there, as well.

Fashion became important to me at the start of 2008. My muse at the time was Ne-Yo. He had his three-piece suits working and was all about “Miss Independent.” Ever since then I’ve delved deeper into this wonderful, complex, yet simple world of style. As former college football player this has always made me stand out. I’m part jock, part fashionisto. In thirty seconds I could tell you why Emmitt Smith was one of the greatest running backs of all time and why Michael Bastian’s new spring collection inspired by Navy SEALs, and why Jacques Cousteau’s crew on the Calypso is one of the best things since sliced bread. It’s different, but it’s who I am.

My goal is to bring you fashion info, advice, and commentary from a man’s point of view. Not only will my posts assist men in breaking into a sartorial state of mind, but it will help ladies shop for and dress (or advise) their man. Know what he needs, why he needs it, and where it should come from. I want to show how men can take women’s fashion and be inspired by it in order to incorporate that inspiration into our own wardrobe. I want to do the same vice versa. This will help you find  new ways to discover the beauty that is fashion and encourage you to approach it in new ways.

I’ve long appreciated the art of fashion. Its prestige, boldness, classical manner, cleanliness, and it’s threat to those who don’t understand. I suppose I’m here to make it a little less threatening for men and the women who love them  and wish they’d step up. And on that note, ladies, I pray that you’ll tell the men in your life about this new addition to the blog. I am grateful for the opportunity and I won’t disappoint. Enjoy!”


Enjoy we will my friend.


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