Shopping for THE Dress…help me out!

Da Da Da Da…Da Da Da Da!!! That’s my version of the “Hear come the Bride” chimes.  And why am I humming that tune in my head all day today? BECAUSE I’M GOING SHOPPING FOR MY WEDDING DRESS TOMORROW!!!!

Hip hip HOORAY! It’s the day I’ve been waiting for since I was 5 years old and dressing up my Barbie so she could marry Ken.  Because, after all, it’s ALL about the dress, right?  Who cares about the rest of the day? Ha JK, I care about every detail, who am I kidding?

And while I’m keeping my choice hush hush until the big day, I want a little input from you all! What type of dress do you think I’ll end up with? I honestly have no idea. I have a few things I picture myself in, but because I’ve never tried anything on I have no idea what I’ll end up falling in love with.

Sooo take my poll and leave a comment if you have a vision that you think I should hear before I start the search.

(Please excuse my excessive use of bold text and exclamation points. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited)



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9 responses to “Shopping for THE Dress…help me out!

  1. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    Have fun and you will know which one it will be when you put it on!
    Two women in my office shopped in Indy for dresses and found the one they wanted here in Bloomington at a great price:

  2. Becky Agostin

    You so know that you are goin for the one with the most “bling” the one that say’s “ta da – it’s all about Me”… ya

  3. Mily Mons

    I’m picturing you in a strapless A-line, not a lot of bling for you in my mind but shoot what do I know?! I can’t wait to hear about today!!! Have so much fun!! LOOOVE YOU!

  4. Amy Royce

    I know I am late, but I think the best thing to do in the first few stores is to try on anything. You may not like it on the hanger, but it looks great on you. Keep an open mind at first then you will narrow it down to a style. I tried on millions. I think I went to every single store in Indy and the surrounding area. I am glad I did because you only get to try on wedding dresses once in your life so have fun. I knew right away when I put on ‘the one’ and I am sure you will too.

    • Well I had “the dress” but hadn’t ordered it yet. Then I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and wondering if I had tried enough on so I went out again. I went to Nancy’s, isn’t that where you went? They had a much larger selection and I chose one there. It’s gorgeous. But the problem is…I loved almost everything I put on. So the decision was soooo hard! I had to pick a direction and go with it. I can’t believe it’s ordered and I can’t see it for 4-6 months! It will feel soooo long! But I’m glad it’s chosen 🙂

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