That’s New York Fashion Week. Held each September and February, it’s the pinnacle of each season for all fashion lovers. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week draws obscure new designers, household name design mega-houses, fashion journalists, retail buyers, celebrities, New York high society, and a few other very lucky people.

If you aren’t familiar with the standard set up for NYFW I’ll give you a run down. The invitation list is pretty exclusive, with the biggest shows held in the tent at Bryant Park being highly exclusive. But, there are several shows throughout the city during the week at places like The Plaza hotel. Which means lots of parties, lots of glamor, and lots of shopping!

For those of you who have always wondered, the reason they show the Fall Collection for 2011 before spring even hits is because it’s a preview of the collection. Buyers decide what they want in their department stores and boutiques and place orders with designers before mass production ever begins. These clothes seen on the runway won’t be in stores until this summer, just in time to be selected for your fall wardrobe! And of course, same goes with the “Spring” collections being shown in early fall.

While Fall Collections haven’t hit the net yet, enjoy some of my favorite designers: Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson’s Spring Collection 2011 fashion shows. Stay tuned for a rundown of my favorites when the videos go public! *There are a few live events tomorrow during the day. Tune in to the MBFW website to see a schedule of digital shows.

LOVE her prints this year. The Forecast was right on target, Spring 2011 includes plenty of prints…

Michael Kor’s collectionss are always so wearable. A tad preppy but always fresh and uncluttered.

*Wait for Betsey’s signature cartwheel at the end of her show!*

I’m tempted to add more but I’ll leave you with a max of 3.

Photo Credit: New York Times


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