To all who think fashion is foolish,

or frivolous, or for stupid/uneducated people, or for people blinded by their own vanity. To those people I say, you need to do some research.

“Over 4 million people are employed in the fashion and textiles industry including the following areas: design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retailing, advertising, communications, publishing and consulting. Additionally, each year, over $250 billion is spent on fashion (including accessories) in the U.S. and over $20 billion in revenue is generated annually.“*

So like it or not, the fashion industry impacts all of us. We do, after all, have to wear clothes.

anna wintour at fashion show

Truth is, if you’re reading this blog in the first place you probably appreciate fashion. But to those who foolishly argue that fashion is single-handedly wrecking our self esteem, that it’s fueling more air-headed bimbos that overspend, or that it’s a superfluous industry and a waste of time, to them I say: Please read this well thought out and detailed article called “Why I hate when people ostracize fashion” and re-think your stance on the industry.


Why is it that the majority equates a “fashionista” to a frivolous, brainless girl who has no ambitions or goals in life and is missing tons of IQ points? Does the joy that a girl gets when she finds the perfect pair of shoes or when she manages to find an appropriate outfit for an event translate to deluded materialism? Why is there a notion that people interested in fashion or working in said field are stupid, incompetent and since they weren’t smart enough to follow through on any other, “traditional” career path, finally ended up resorting to “fashion.”

Confession: I had reservations about choosing design, merchandising, and textiles as a part of my degree because I didn’t want people to think I was dumb. Of course, I knew I wasn’t, but I hated that people made the assumption. It’s down right unfair that if you like fashion, shopping, or pulling together fabulous outfits you’re labeled “dumb and materialistic” because it’s not true! After a long convo with my favorite Professor I decided to add design merch as a minor to compliment my journalism plans. I am eternally grateful for her encouragement because those classes fulfilled me in a way none of my writing classes ever could. Learning about everything from fashion business and PR, to fashion history, and textile science was absolutely thrilling and so me. Every element of the fashion industry excites me and inspires me like nothing I’ve done before, and the fact that I’ve embraced it has brought me so much joy.

So I hold this debate over the stigma of stupid fashionistas very dear to my heart. But the lesson we can all learn from issues like this is to read and research before we make generalizations about any topic. Not only can the research offer you new insight on so many things, maybe it will combat some of your own fears of admitting what you truly love!

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