Wedding Wish List…

Wedding planning has been the most exciting and enjoyable experience so far. I’ve  been engaged for a little over a month and already have selected/reserved (drumroll please…)

TA-DAAAA. So exciting, so fun, and so thrilled to be planning the best wedding of the century (or…at least the year).

My day of dress shopping has been scheduled and that’s the most exciting part for me.  I won’t share any details about what I’m picturing, looking for, or what  I actually get because, of course, it has to be a surprise!  But I will share a piece of my wish list…

Call me a copy cat, call me a dreamer, call me what you will but I’m DYINGGGG to wear the same blue Manolo Blahnik heels that Carrie Bradshaw wore when she married Big in the Sex and the City movie. Unfortunately, they’re fairly close to the budget for the entire dress, and that just ain’t gonna cut it.

Manolo Blahnick 'Hangisi' Jeweled Satin Pump $945

What’s a girl to do but add it to her wish list…?



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3 responses to “Wedding Wish List…

  1. Hannah

    sarah! i love the shoes and i think you should figure out a way to wear something at least remotely similar. i found a pair of blues shoes like that that are very similar…they are peep-toes, same color blue and have a little broach time diamond thing on the toes. love ’em. i got them at like aldo or shii.

    • I am definitely wanting to find something along the same lines, “inspired by” Manolo Blahnik at least! When I get the dress I’ll have to do some shopping…but I’m planning on having my shoes be my “something blue” for sure.

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