99 most influential fashion and beauty blogs-and some Sartorialist

I found the link to this article on LinkedIn and had to share…


You should note that my ALL TIME FAVORITE BLOG The Sartorialist is number one.  That must mean I have great taste and know style when I see it!

Look at this short interview with The Sartorialist. He touches on a few of the reasons I love him so much, and surely why he has captivated such a large audience.

In the clip he says, “When I look at something, I’m not really thinking, ‘Is that fashionable enough? Is that in-the-moment enough?’ I’m just reacting.”  I think that’s the most unique and beautiful thing about the photos he takes.  He mentions throughout his blog that he’s not trying to set any trends, or always pick out what he thinks is “hot” at the moment. He’s simply out there looking for interesting and compelling images.

He talks about the goal of true photographers and how when you’ve really honed your skills the goal is to “create the most beautiful image you can in the most simple way that you can.” That’s the other truly inspirational piece of his photography.  It’s not a beautiful photo taken at a fancy set with great lighting and a team of stylists.  It’s ordinary people in an every day place with natural light. The simplicity is awe-inspiring.

He also references the fact that through blogs like his, you can essentially “people watch” all over the world.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much.  You get to see a tiny glimpse into the life of an elderly man living in Milan, or a young woman from Brazil, or a child in Paris.  Just a snap shot. Yet it’s enticing enough to make us want more, and maybe wonder what their story is.  It sparks our imagination!

Check out the list of other influential blogs. I’m familiar with a few of them, but I’ll be doing a lot of reading this weekend! Enjoy…


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