Fake It!

After being obsessed with having a tan for a few years in high school and college (despite my pale nature), I decided to give it up for healthy skin.  For some reason I had always tied a great tan to beauty, but when I got to looking at all the women I considered beautiful, all of them had fair and beautiful skin!*

I’ve always believed in the importance of a good skin care regime. After dealing with acne prone skin for MANY years I got into the wonderful and crucial habit of caring for and protecting my skin.  By cleansing,moisturizing, and using sun block daily, you can literally shave years off your age! Tan and “glowing” skin in your teens turns into awful sun spots and wrinkles in your 30s, 40s and beyond.  I’ll take healthy and clear skin over looking aged at 35 any day! Even if it leaves me feeling a bit pale some days.

For now the best way to achieve a year round and smart tan I use a combo bronzer and blush.  I even brush it onto my neck (and shoulders if it’s sleeveless) to avoid the dreaded makeup line.  There’s nothing worse than faking it obviously!

My go to product is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. It’s not shimmery like most bronzers, so the color added to your face looks more natural. If you want an all over tan cover your entire face, but be sure to add a little extra to the areas that are naturally touched by the sun (cheeks, nose and a touch on the chin for balance). Too much bronzer all over can make your face look flat.  Make sure you’re adding in some contour along your cheekbones and the apples with blush.

Benefit "Hoola" bronzer $28

Highlighting the apples of your cheeks with a touch of blush not only adds color, it adds dimension! It’ll give you the perfect flush and extra sunkissed look! NARS “Orgasm” blush has been at the top of beauty editors lists for ages, but I just started using it about a year ago. I’ll never use anything else! If you can get over the name (MOM), it will give you the most perfect natural peachy pink pop.

NARS "orgasm" blush $26


I’ll detail a great routine for skin care in a later post, but for now, think about the value of looking young when you’re older! You can have a REAL tan now and bad skin (and possibly cancer) later, or FAKE your tan now and keep your youthful skin in your older days.  I say, be smart and get the best of both worlds!


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