CND Shellac

What’s Shellac? Shellac, a product by CND, is my favorite new nail product on the market.  For now, you can only have it applied to your nails at the salon, but it’s well worth the time and money!  This nail polish is essentially the “gel” product from gel nails..minus the tip and harsh filing to your nail bed. After giving you a mini-manicure beforehand (filing, cuticle care, etc.) they apply the product in a few layers (base, color, top coats, etc). The product hardens under a solar light and cannot be chipped or smudged! Although there are limited colors, you can actually create color combinations by layering.  The manicure REALLY lasts 2 weeks! I pushed mine to a third week but it looks pretty shabby at the bottom from your nail growth.  I soaked mine off at home, but you have to have acetone.  It flakes off after it’s been soaked in the acetone and you’ll see that your nail bed hasn’t been harmed at all. In fact, the product actually protects your nails.

Check out their website to see the color combos, read more about the product, and find a salon near you that uses Shellac.  It’s still pretty new, but is quickly gaining momentum.  I had my first shellac manicure a few months ago and it only listed 4-5 salons in Louisville that carried the product.  I went today and found over 20! If you get regular manicures ask the salon owner if they’ve heard of the product and if they’ll be carrying it soon!

Spread the word because this stuff is AWESOME!!




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4 responses to “Shellac

  1. hannaheferguson

    how much does it usually cost, sarah loo?

  2. Good question Han, it’s about $5-10 more. Well worth it if you ask me!

  3. hannaheferguson

    i would have to agree 🙂 awesome i’m gonna look for it

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