Oh MICHAEL, you’ve done it again!

Kors that is…Doesn’t this ad just SCREAM fall?  I love the simple glamour of his ads. Print advertising holds a special place in my heart because it’s a part of the love I have in reading a magazine.  And while fashion editorials and ads are all interesting and evoke creativity, I love Michael Kors because he’s so wearable.  You can look like this woman without looking overdone.  Her look is totally attainable.

The main reason I’m loving this photo is because of the faux fur vest.  I just bought one (Target, Merona $40!!) and I can tell you I never thought I’d be able to pull off a fur anything, but the fur vest is a huge trend right now. When it came to furs I used to think Cruella Deville, but the key is pairing it with items so you don’t look overdone.  The vest (versus full length coat) already takes the fur volume way down, but adds enough texture and interest to really spice up your outfit. Wear it with natural muted tones: camel, cream, black, or chestnut brown.  OR pull in some fall and winter hues of hunter green, deep plum, or burghandy.

The fur speaks for itself so don’t overdo it with loud colors or too much jewelry.  A simple pair of pearl earrings, a crew neck collar, or something that’s just very plain will help you carry this look.  If you want to keep the simple, classic, and understated look that I favor so much don’t get a shaggy pelt or unnaturally colored dye.  That prevents it from looking cheap and outrageous.  But if you favor cheap and outrageous,  by all means…look crazy.


Go for something like this…

MICHAEL Michael Kors Vest $130 at Macy's

and you’ll get major snaps.

But avoid…

She looks much scarier than I remember!

Also, If you don’t have confidence in shopping the trends or styling yourself with the trends, then read magazines and look at pictures! You have to be comfortable wearing whatever you buy.  The fur vest could be a huge trend right now but if you don’t think it matches your styles or tastes then don’t go for it.  Or, say you do like the vest, but think you don’t have anything to wear with it or how to wear it-then look around! Even mannequins at malls are totally styled. Check those out.  Usually they’re on point and lots of looking will give you ideas on how you could put your own twist on the ensemble.



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