Belt it

If you read my articles on, you may have already seen it. But I’m in a recycling mood:

Add a belt to cinch your waistline, add structure to a dress or top that doesn’t define your shape, and add interest and texture to your ensemble. Your natural waistline is the slimmest part of your body and can hide a belly if it’s belted in the right place.

Add a belt around your hips if you want to lengthen your torso. But take some body advice: avoid this look if your tummy will hang over said belt–no one wants to highlight their “less than perfect” areas.

French Braid Leather Belt Francesca's Collection

To naturally slim or disguise a belly, place a belt right under your bustline to create an “empire” waist.  Fabric will naturally fall away and create a seamless A-line which is flattering for any figure.

Tanzania Belt from Francesca's Collection

Belts can be embellished with nearly anything, add a punch of color to any outfit, braided for texture, skinny or thick, and some can be almost corset-like.

Check out a great selection of fun and functional belts at Francesca’s Collections (at the Summit, 4262 Summit Plaza Drive, and Oxmoor Center, 7900 Shelbyville Rd).


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