Beautiful Bangles

I’m all about bracelets. They’re so girly…even if they’re chunky! They accentuate a delicate part of your body…the wrist. I just ordered a set of bangles from Gilt Groupe (see my earlier blog “gilty pleasures” to read more on why rocks), and I can’t wait for them to arrive…

Chamak White Mix Bangles $26 on (originally $60)

They’re a great neutral color and can match anything. I was sad to have logged on to the site late and find all of the vibrant ones sold out though! I plan to pair these with some jeans and a plain top…let the crystals do the talking!

Go check out Chamak’s gorgeous array of bright and sparkly things. I’ve never heard of the brand before but read what says:

Chamak designer Priya Kakkar blends elements from her native Indian culture with a professional background in accessories to create a stunning collection of bright baubles, colorful stones and intricate details. Craft a unique look by mixing, matching and stacking these sets of metal bangles, featuring multi-colored crystals, beads and glass. And delight your ears with this selection of fringe and chandelier earrings: Made from clay, these colorful pieces look truly one-of-a-kind.


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