100% cotton jeans…and some textile science

My Aunt requested info about 100% cotton jeans.  She rides motorcycles in the hot sun and wants something that will keep her cool, the lycra and spandex in stretch jeans doesn’t help beat the heat, but that’s most of what’s available these days.

I explained that the reason lycra and spandex blends have been so popular is because they’re easy to wash and wear.  They won’t shrink, they keep their shape, and mold well to your body (meaning they’re pretty body conscious, and everyone wants a flattering fit).  Basically the cotton spandex blend has been a major hit and most jeans have some kind of blend these days anyway.

But I did some research and found some pretty good selections.  Lands End has a boot cut jean that is 99% cotton, 1% lycra.  So there’s a teeny tiny bit of spandex stretch in there but not enough to spoil the breathability of the cotton. They’re affordable too at $49.50 a pair (plus shipping).

Land's End Stretch No-Waist Premium Denim Boot Cut

Gap has 98% cotton jeans with 2% lycra/spandex for $59.50

Gap Sexy Boot Jeans $59.50

Old Navy has 98% cotton, 1% spandex (the remaining percentage isn’t on there because it’s too insignificant to list on the label, meaning the remaining fiber won’t affect the rest of the fabric).  Their jeans are on HUGE discount now until the end of this week…for a crazy low $19 you can get a great pair of jeans! Plus the great thing about Old Navy is added sizes.  They carry sizes 0-30 so any woman can find the perfect fit!

Old Navy Women's "The Dreamer" Boot Cut Jeans

I was slightly unsuccessful in finding 100% cotton jeans but if you find a pair of 98-99% cotton jeans then the remaining 1-2% spandex or lycra shouldn’t affect the benefits of the cotton.  It’s when you get into the 10-25% addition of another fiber that it has any real affect on the performance of the textile.


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  1. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    Thanks S.S. Good information and COOL jeans! I might have to buy some mens jeans!! I will now want to do some shopping.

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