I’m a Bad Gal

BADgal Mascara Benefit $19

Okay…not really.  But I can pretend I’m a bad gal when I wear Benefit’s BADgal Mascara. Benefit is a makeup line that originated in San Francisco by twin sisters.  It has a sassy vintage vibe and all of their products are fantastic.  This mascara is especially awesome because it’s buildable.  I have long but skinny lashes so I favor this because it’s great for plumping them up and highlighting the length without getting too clumpy.  It doesn’t flake and the brush never gets clumped up with gunky mascara.  For $19 the tube usually lasts about 2 months (maybe more depending on how often you wear it, but you’re supposed to cycle in a new tube about that often for sanitary reasons anyway).  Give this stuff a try! I’ve tried many a mascara in my day and this is definitely my top pick.  Plus, isn’t the name just fun?

I also love their posie tint.  It’s a cheek and lip stain that is a pretty pinky color.  It gives just a hint of color on your cheeks and lips and lasts way longer than any blush will.  Just a tiny pea sized amount can cover both cheeks and a “half-swipe” on your bottom lip can cover both when you smack them together. It’s $28 but can last for many many months b/c you just need a touch to flush your face.

Posie Tint Benefit Cosmetics $28



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4 responses to “I’m a Bad Gal

  1. Hey Hannah Banana! Yes, Buxom is another favorite of mine 🙂 It makes really fat lashes!

  2. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    Do I have to buy on-line? I guess I’ll do that since I want to try it.

    I have had a problem with mascara my whole life…and that’s a long time…it smears after just 3 or 4 hours, looks like I have had it on all day. I buy waterproof and nothing helps. It’s like I have dark shadow under my eyes. The masacara just doesn’t stay on. Maybe my lashes are oily?

    One time I asked friend what mascara she was using and she said it was the one I gave her. What’s the deal she looked great.

    • You can buy this online at sephora.com or in Sephora stores. Some department stores carry Benefit cosmetics, but you’d probably have better luck ordering it.

      Here are some solutions to your problems: Do you rub your eyes at all? Anytime you rub your eyes (b/c you’re tired, allergies, or whatever) it smears the mascara and any other eye makeup you have on. You many not even realize you’re rubbing until you consciously pay attention. That could be a big reason, but maybe not at all. Wearing under-eye concealer and dusting it with a light powder helps any flakes from eye make-up that fall down below your eyes easier to swipe off. That way it won’t leave dark shadows underneath your eyes from where it smudges. Also, do you remove your eye makeup with an oil-free makeup remover? It’s very important to clean all of your makeup off the right way and you can’t remove all of your eye makeup with out it. Most eye-makeup removers are oil free, but it’s good to be sure. I use L’OREAL clean artiste 100% oil free eye make up remover. You can get it at kroger and most drug stores. It’s one of the cheapest. Clinique makes a good one too. Use a cotton ball or cotton pad to remove all of your eye makeup before bed and that will give you a clean pallet for the next day.

      If you still have trouble after trying this let me know! I can figure out some other suggestions…

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