The “new” casual

I’m trying to make my casual outfit days a little more “planned.” My old casual was the typical logo tee and running shorts but I’m finding that casual and comfortable don’t have to look that way.

Summer dresses are the perfect solution to comfort without effort.   So many people have hang ups about “dresses” and how “dressy” they are, but when you think about it…they’re so much more comfortable! A breezy, loose fitting dress is waaaay cooler in the summertime than any constricting pair of shorts and tee shirt.

I’m also loving the new “boyfriend tee” look. A v-neck made of jersey fabric can look pretty chic, especially when paired with a dainty necklace or bracelet and jeans.  And accessories are the easiest way to make casual look a little more thought out.

OR get the best of both worlds with a little number like this:

Slubby Jersey Tunic Dress by Kate Moss $60

It’s great with a skinny belt to add some structure, a good pair of gladiator sandals, and a little bracelet. Find it at (make sure you choose the US!) where there are tons of great comfy casual looks.

P.S.: Just surfing the site can give you great ideas about outfits you can put together clothes that are already in your closet!



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2 responses to “The “new” casual

  1. amy royce

    I found out when I was pregnant that dresses were defiantly the most comfortable! Plus much easier to get ready in the morning if you do not have to match a top and bottom:)

  2. Kelli Ellis

    Thanks to my smart and sassy daughter, I no longer wear sweat pants or t-shirts unless I’m working out! Thanks for the incentive.

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