I just received one of the best birthday gifts EVER.  My boyfriend got me the giant coffee table book: VOGUE Living: Houses, Gardens, People. You know why it’s the best EVER? Because I can sit at Barnes and Nobles forever staring at books like this but would never purchase it for myself.  I’ve always said perfect presents are things that people always want but would never buy for themselves.  And for me, this is it…

It’s full of beautiful portraits of famous designer’s and high society homes, families and gardens.  It’s the kind of book that you bury your nose in for hours noticing all of the tiny details neatly placed on bookshelves and tucked into corners.  Extraordinary collections of art, artifacts, and other knick-knacks line the shelves and walls of these extravagant homes.  I’m book-marking inspirations for the day I own my own fabulous home.  It’s interesting to see how markedly different each person decorates their own space with a variety of styles and tastes.  I’ve enjoyed peering into an intimate view of Karl Lagarfield’s, Christian Louboutin, and Madonna’s living quarters.

Read the book’s description: “Here are Madonna’s romantic rural retreat in the depths of the English countryside and the Oscar de la Renta’s coral-stone Palladian mansion on the coast of the Dominican Republic; Michael and Eva Chow’s epic Los Angeles manse and shoe maestro Christian Louboutin’s magical houseboat on the Nile; Donna Karan’s Zenlike Manhattan aerie and legendary tastemaker Marella Agnelli’s enchanted villa and gardens in the Palmeraie of Marrakesh; Julian and Olatz Schnabel’s operatic downtown loft and childrenswear designer Rachel Riley’s miniature château on the Loire; celebrated landscape gardener Fernando Caruncho’s innovative Spanish gardens and Houghton, David Cholmondeley’s magnificent English stately home; Janet de Botton’s idyllic Provençal estate; and four decades of Karl Lagerfeld’s endlessly surprising houses, both innovative and palatial.”


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  1. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    People will want to visit you just to read your magazines! 🙂

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