Currently Craving…Fall Boots

I’m over summer and the heat.  Bring on the fall! I’m usually not one for chilly weather, but I’m ready to don my jeans and fuzzy warm jackets when the leaves start turning.  Maybe it’s because I’m not heading back to school soon that I’m willing to welcome the fall.

With those jeans and chunky sweaters comes BOOTS.  I’ve recently become attached to the style and comfort a good pair of boots can bring.  I’m currently craving a pair of good riding style boots.  I have yet to find “THE” perfect pair but here are some that come pretty darn close.  I want a carmel-y or warm chestnut brown leather…maybe maybe suede. They should be flats to achieve the old riding boots look I’m going for.  But these Frye boots come pretty darn close despite the heel.

Frye Rory Scrunch Boot on $328

These scream to be paired with a good textured fabric.  A tweed, a houndstooth, a great wool plaid, or a cable knit.  I’m channeling the classic Ralph Lauren.  So as soon as the colors start a’ turnin I hope to be donning a similar pair, as long as my budget allows!

Where do you look for boots?



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2 responses to “Currently Craving…Fall Boots

  1. Nice boots, i think brown is definately the fll colour of choice. love the style and the price isnt out of my range

  2. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    These will look great on you! Wish I had the calfs small enough to wear boots. Gotta keep working on it, this should be my goal.

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