Dem Jeans is EXPENSIVE!!

GWENEVERE Jeans-$189

For a long time now I’ve battled with how much to pay for a good pair of jeans.  How much is too much? How much should you invest in a pair of jeans? I’ll tell you what I think…

Two years ago I splurged with my Christmas money and bought a pair of 7 for all mankind pair of jeans. BEST PURCHASE EVER! They fit my body like no other pair of jeans ever has. And at the time, jeans that fit my body like a glove were hard to come by (too tight in the rear and too big in the waist). I did get a pretty good deal on them (Macy’s “jeans” event) but they cost a pretty penny. One of my DMT professors taught me how to divide cost per outfit per use.  We calculated how much our “look” cost, including makeup, jewelry, and shoes.  But even if you do it with just your jeans, it puts your purchase in perspective. Say you buy a pair of $200 jeans.  You wear them roughly 3 times a week.  Over a years time (and they’ll last longer than that) that’s paying $1.38 each time you wear it. CHEAP!

ANYWHO. I’m basically giving my thumbs up to spend $150+ on a solid staple pair of jeans that will last you a long time.  Always stylish, almost always appropriate, and ALWAYS comfortable they are the quintessential “investment” garment.

And while I favor 7 for all mankind, there are tons of jeans out there that are perfect for your body type and budget.   I just happen to think it’s a splurge-worthy purchase.



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2 responses to “Dem Jeans is EXPENSIVE!!

  1. amy royce

    I agree 100%. This is one item you need to splurge on!

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