For My Momma

My Mom wrote me this today:

“LOVED your article on the Sartorialist. First – I had to look up the meaning of the word (I love that), but more importantly, I was struck by one glaring omission. Maybe the gentleman is gay, but he did concentrate on men and elderly men, plus a few young girls here and there. Did you notice that on his website, though I didn’t look through archives, there is not one older woman? I wonder if its because he isn’t interested, or because there are so FEW of them that truly “get” fashion?

It seems to me that fashion for an older woman is a difficult thing. It is so easy to overdo, and a young woman can carry off a bit of “overdone” whereas an older woman just looks idiotic. I think older women have a hard time in true fashion. Perhaps the best I’ve seen was the editor of Vogue. She was always wearing a very feminine dress and understated heels or flats (she was thin enough to get away with flats with a dress, but we aren’t all that thin!). Imagine a woman like her who isn’t so rail thin. It is a challenge!
I’m going address this publicly. I did write her back an email and say that I’m quite sure that The Sartorialist isn’t actually gay, he has a wife and kids at least, but she may be on to something. I’ve since gone back to The Sartorialist website and found several pictures of women at all ages (and sizes) to post. But she is right, there are far fewer photos of older and even middle aged women. There is this one photo of 2 or 3 older women laughing on the street with their arms draped over each other in a friendly embrace that I LOVE LOVE LOVE but of course, can’t find under pressure. I’ll add it as soon as I find it.
Anyway, she makes a good point about younger women being able to be “loud” with their fashion and we (society) can appreciate that, but an older woman looks foolish doing the same thing. We come up with these rules about age appropriateness and that leaves being flashy and stylish kind of boring for older women (unless you’re Betsey Johnson). Best I can say is check out these photos of middle aged and older women and tell me what you think!
P.S. Love you Mom!

she's far more "youngish" but she was too adorable to leave out!


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  1. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    My sister’s (your momma) transformation is amazing. She said this weekend that she actually enjoys shopping now. What??? This is truely strange and her looking and BUYING jewelry she likes. She even likes a certain style. It’s hard to imagine…but it’s so fun to see my sister with cool matching stuff. I always loved matching bracelets/earrings/pendants! Now I have you to thank to get her with the program! Thanks Sarah!

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