The Sartorialist

I couldn’t start a blog without giving a huge nod to the most respected style hunter in the buisness. For those of you who don’t already know who The Sartorialist is, I shall explain. He basically gained fame in both the photography and fashion world by taking street fashion photos. He travels all over the world taking photographs of interesting people, mainly in Milan, Paris, and his hometown of NYC. He was recently named one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 design influences.

The Sartorialist in Sydney

I won’t go into his biography here (though it is worth reading on his blog), but he has worked in the fashion industry for a number of years before gaining recognition as a street photographer. He takes fascinating photographs of ordinary people but they all have unique style. He made an important distinction though. Several of the photographed subjects are wearing crazy outfits most of us wouldn’t ever wear.  He explained that he doesn’t always like the style of the person he is photographing,  think that we should copy that style, or that it is particularly fashionable.  He said he takes photographs of people and things that make you think about something new.  Maybe what you would wear instead, maybe the color inspires you to create something, or maybe it’s the length or texture. It’s in abstracts, just like an art form.

It is clear he truly understands “fashion” and the people who appreciate it. So many people just don’t get it! Fashion is abstract, it’s supposed to make you think, it’s outside of the box, it’s impractical, it’s FUN! He captures extremely normal people in photographs (with excellent, pure lighting) and makes them look extraordinary. Some of these photographs make me gasp and take me to a far off place. They make me want to shop, and dream, and create. I could stare at his archives FOREVER but here are a few of my favorites:



New York City


Go check out his site and become a follower!!


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