Swimwear for All

So obviously I’m biased, but Victoria’s Secret carries the best and most affordable swimwear . Without being too cheap (as in poor construction), Victoria’s Secret makes a variety of styles for all tastes. They also carry some designer names for at a higher price (and quality) range. As a lover of the beach (that’s an understatement) I love getting a new suit for $24. I can afford to buy a few suits every season and switch it up a little bit! You can pick from bra-sized or bust-enhancing suits, and several different ranges of bottom coverage, which makes the combination of choices unending! The styles range from bo-ho chic, embellished, classic, and vibrant colors with hundreds of patterns to please any beach dweller.

Basically, there’s a suit for everyone. And their sizes are really true to size. My Mom had poo-pooed buying swimwear online “They never fit right! You don’t know what you’re getting!” and after no luck in department and specialty swimwear shops she decided to give it a go. She was so happy with her suit that she bought a second! And not only did they both fit perfectly, she got to choose from tons of styles online. Now that’s a testament!

If your suit doesn’t quite fit, or wasn’t quite what you thought, it’s super easy to return. I’ve done that too and they only dock the shipping price (about $5). But I’ve only returned 1 suit in the over 15 I’ve purchased from Victoria’s Secret online.

Also, check out their clothing department! They always have the most affordable and adorable tops, dresses, and accessories in the latest trends.



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2 responses to “Swimwear for All

  1. Kelli Ellis

    Ha! I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true.

  2. amy royce

    I too am a loyal VS customer. Their suits fit like a glove.

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