Hello impossibly gorgeous AND expensive shoes

Studio Shoe

Red Bottom Heels are the style symbol of the shoe world. No one does it like Christian Louboutin. He knows a woman’s foot like the back of his very own hand. He knows how to make your legs look miles long, your feet look impossibly delicate, your toes have amazing cleavage and after ALL the glamorous ways he enhances a woman’s body, STILL design shoes that steal the scene. In heights that run from mid-high heels, high heels (4 inches), and extremely high heels (5.5 inches!!) you’ve gotta be all about the drama to wear his shoes.

(Foot cleavage? Yeah, i said it. Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Simply put, he’s a shoe god. So head to the nearest Saks, Barneys, or Bergdorf and plop down your platinum visa and bada-bing-bada-bam you are a shoe goddess.

Drool over your favorite pairs here. His website is pretty funky! But he doesn’t do online retail so shop for styles to buy online elsewhere.

Tahiti Shoe

Anna Shoe

Miss Cha Cha Shoe


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