Jessica Simpson: pop princess turned style queen

Say what you will about dumb blondes, but I always have and always will LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessica Simpson. I may still live in the “Newlyweds” days, but I do know how much she has evolved since then and it’s nothing short of inspirational.  However, I very vividly remember the day that I learned the divorce rumors were true. I was a senior in high school when they officially became divorced. I walked down for breakfast and my Dad came up and gave me a hug and said he had some bad news. Sure enough, there on the kitchen table was the Courier Journal reporting the news that Jess and Nick were over. OH the sorrow!!! Ha ha okay, so I was dramatic, but I’ve watched her through her early pop days (I lip synced to Irresistable and Sweetest Sin like a pro) through Newlyweds, the days of Daisy Dukes, and into her country music career.  And although her “career” as an entertainer has been all over the place, she has ALWAYS looked amazing and always had the style to fit the moment.

Jessica has remained a style icon and a VERY successful business woman. With her hair extension line, shoe and handbag collection, and a recently expanded clothing line (including swim wear and lingerie) she has taken her success to a higher level. And she deserves it! She has amazing style: she’s the classic girl next door turned grown up with a sassy sexy look. Never too much glitz and just enough glamor.

I always love celebrities that look like REAL people. She’s so gorgeous and can rock in a pair of jeans and a plain tee and then turn around and walk the red carpet with designer gowns and millions of dollars worth of jewels. Her hair always looks perfectly polished thanks to hairstylist, bff, and business partner Ken Paves. She also knows how to keep her face looking  fresh and natural. I think that’s why she looks so real, she’s never too overdone or fake looking, and that’s something not all celebrities have mastered.

Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Be a sassy woman too and check out her entire collection (I have a few of her sky high pairs…they’re so fun!)


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