I’m getting country-fied

Okay, taking a break from my normal blogging to share some exciting news. I’ve been invited to participate in the CMA Close Up Merit Program, which means I get to cover the CMA Fest as a journalist! I’ll be covering all the events, day and night, and posting my stories nightly from the CMA offices! I’m just absolutely thrilled and totally pumped. I don’t know all the details of what I’ll be doing and which events I’ll be covering but you better believe I’ll update!

So anyway, one of the MANY things that I began getting excited about was what I’d be wearing. Any of my friends would be willing to tell you that I’m the last one they’d picture in cowboy boots. But I’ve already called up my best friend Tuck to borrow her classic Ariat boots so I feel a part of the country scene. I don’t think I’ll be running out to purchase my own pair any time soon but I did do some internet searching and picked a pair I’d consider for myself:

Ariat® Women's Heritage Western J-Toe

Even though I’m no country bumpkin I DO know fashion and i DO know that “Ariat” are THE authentic cowboy boots. I’ve been schooled by the real country girls who know it better than me. Check out all of the styles here!

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