Nancy Drew: one stylish stealth

I collect Nancy Drew books–the old copies that you can only find in used book stores. I started reading the Nancy Drew series around age 11 when my Mom suggested them. She had read them as a young teen and thought I’d like them. Nancy Drew books weren’t my favorite series, but I remember being captivated by the covers of the books. I used to (and still do) pick most of my books by the illustration on the cover. Nancy always looked so hip, like the Barbie of the mystery world.

When looking at the old covers today I noticed something new. Nancy Drew, like the young women of the early 60’s, were impeccably dressed. Although the times were getting more casual than previous decades, a dress was the norm.

I wish we took more pride in what we looked like all the time. Now, I’m not one to pretend I look nice everywhere I go, and I make any excuse to wear shorts and a t-shirt when I roll into class every morning. But Nancy maintains her style as she trucks through old caves, dusty attics, and swamps solving mystery after mystery. As a society we have forgotten the importance of looking as put together and classy as Nancy

Okay, so she’s a fictional character depicted in old black and white sketches…but still…she was stylish.


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