a new “gilty” pleasure

Ever heard of “GILT”? Not that feeling you get after you spend waaay too much on your latest pair of shoes. I’m talking about GILT, the high end discounted website that carries only designer brands. Fancy Marc Jacobs handbags but don’t have the green to get some? Think again! GILT offers HUGE discounts on HUGE designers.  Let me name drop a few: Michael KORS, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Betsey Johnson, BCBG, Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and the list goes on and on! Maybe you can justify spending half price on those pumps, only $300 for $750! Or maybe just use the site for some wishful thinking.

They’ve even taken the idea to travel with discounted luxury vacations.  Again, only the 5 star names in travel make it in with GILT.

You have to be a member but it’s worth signing up for…

Now, get shopping!


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